Shariah Issues in Construction Projects

Course Code: SHR



The construction sector is one of the key sectors in a developing country . It acts as a ‘multiplier effect’ to other sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, services and so on. However, the rapid development of physical projects should be more carefully scrutinized in every transaction and contract involved throughout the project life cycle starting from initiation, design, procurement, construction, maintenance, asset management and others, so as to commensurate with the actual substrate without deflection.



Session I

  • Islam, Iman and Ihsan
  • Sources of Shariah
  • Ibadat and Muamalat in Shariah

Session II

  • Concept of Contract in Islam
  • Prohibited Elements in Contract
  • Types of Contract & Applications
  • Contemporary Shariah Issues in Commercial Transactions

Session III

  • Construction Project and Its Contractual Obligations
  • Shariah Issues in Construction Projects
  • Questions & Answers



  • Training Course Notes
  • Meals including 2 coffee breaks & lunch during session
  • Certificate of Attendance